Automated Cloud-Based
Safety Management

i-MC enables you to manage all aspects of your compliance program electronically, including policies, procedures, training, testing, and records retention

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Why Should You Automate Your Safety Management System?

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i-Manage Compliance stands at the forefront of digitalizing compliance systems, presenting a sophisticated electronic compliance management solution. Operating as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) system, it provides global accessibility, transforming the efficiency of compliance teams.

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Why Should You Automate Your Safety Management System?


Decide which modules of the management system you want to use, and how to use them.

Save Time

View your level of compliance on a single Dashboard. Easily identify non-conformances in documentations and processes.

Save Money

Easily generate Digital Compliance Management reports, identify trends and pinpoint problem areas in your business.

Plan Easier

Plan your internal training schedule, toolbox talks, PPE Distribution, asset maintenance and access the legal compliance of company contractors.

Regulatory compliance has always been a complex and critical aspect of running a successful business. With ever-changing laws, regulations, and standards, companies that fail to meet these requirements face significant financial and reputational risks, including fines, legal penalties, and damage to their brand image. To stay ahead of the game and streamline compliance processes, many businesses are turning to cloud-based compliance platforms.

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Putting You in Control

Access the i-Manage Compliance system anytime, anywhere.

Hold users accountable and escalate issues to relevant parties.

See what is assigned to your team members and what they didn’t do.

Automated Compliance Management
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