Imagine a world where companies can use automated drones to deliver packages, survey traffic, count game on farms, monitor poachers and even identify illnesses in crops. Imagine a world where you almost never have to go in to the bank or post office, because you can do your banking and communications online. For the most part, you don’t have to imagine, because all of this is technically already happening – at least to some extent.

Our experience, however, is that most industries are still very far behind when it comes to technology, as very few technological management systems add any actual value to business processes and things like health and safety legislation to most companies are a huge hassle and just a paper exercise.

Throughout history, there have been four major industrial revolutions. First there was steam, then there was electricity, which led us to the development of computers, and NOW we have the world at our fingertips. The fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution, is all about connecting the world and ease of access to information.

Most people have access to the internet, at least one social media account, a mobile number and an email address, if not multiple of each. Some businesses are even able to run all of their operations on a single smartphone, laptop or tablet. Eventually, more and more businesses will attempt to make the switch to digital management of business processes.

For larger companies to make the same switch, they will have to be able to manage all aspects of their business electronically, including health and safety. It is in line with this mindset that the i-Manage Safety system was developed.

Imagine being able to view your company’s compliance on a single dashboard, in real time. Imagine being able export the outcome of registers to calculate accurate real-time KPIs. Imagine a system that allows real-time reporting, escalating issues to management instantly and escalating any non-conformances in your company to the minutes of the safety committee meeting. Imagine a system that monitors the maintenance of assets. Imagine being able to plan your training management months in advance, and no pre audit mayhem because you know everything in your system is compliant. Imagine a system that will assist you with risk management and allow you to create inspection reports that will ensure the smooth running of your operations.

Imagine real experts with real solutions. Imagine i-Manage Safety.

i-Manage Safety is an electronic safety management system used by Safe Working Practice – an occupational health and safety group. Click here to learn more about this unique franchise opportunity.