Be a leader by embracing the future.

Times are changing fast. Some people fear ChatGPT, they feel AI will take over their jobs and they stay with the conventional way of compiling documents. Other people embrace it and it make their lives so much easier. Just think of the advantage it brings to your employer, when your CV says that you work on ChatGPT.

Dashboard summary

Compliance can be viewed on dashboards. This will save you hours of time doing audits to check compliance. More time will be available for the things that really matter. Data is in electronic format and can be analysed in BI modules.

Monitor branches.

You will have remote access to the safety management system of your entire organisation including all the branches. This will enable you to standardise your documentation and view the compliance of any branch or your entire organisations with the click of a button.

Management Reports

Impress management by creating and customise your own management reports that can be accessed with one click saving you time and any pre-audit mayhem. Reports can display future expiry dates, enabling you to plan more efficiently.

To-do list

View all the items that require attention on a dashboard. No more wondering what needs to be completed. Reminder emails can be sent on any workflow in the system as a second-tier reminder.


Software changed the way we do things. In our organisation the accounts department uses accounting software, payroll software to do payroll, design software to draw designs, but we still have piles of documentation when it comes to safety. Join the future and move to i-Manage Compliance. It just makes sense.