Digital Food Safety

Easily maintain continued compliance and audit readiness when it comes to food safety management.

i-Manage Compliance Food Safety

As a food producer, distributor, or retailer, ensuring food safety is crucial for your business. Not only can it protect your customers from illnesses and health risks, but it can also safeguard your business reputation and prevent costly legal actions.

At i-Manage Compliance, we offer a comprehensive food safety module that helps you stay compliant with the latest regulations and standards in South Africa. Our module is designed to simplify the complex process of managing food safety, so you can focus on running your business with confidence.


Developed in line with the HACCP, BRC and ISO 22000 principles.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment module manages all risk and hazard identification control measures as well as risk reviews.

Document Library

Deploy management document suite from the document library, complete with issue and review functionality.


Audit module that allows you to customize audits, the frequency thereof, and the issuing of immediate reports.

Registers Module

Electronic register module ensures you take timeous action on non-compliances with the flag and action functionality.


Manage roles, qualifications, and training effectively with the persons and training management modules.

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