Licensing Opportunity

Licensing Opportunity


I-Manage Compliance offers licence opportunities locally and internationally. Our software was developed in line with the ISO standards. It can be translated to any language making it accessible to any country in the world.

Our vision is to provide a cost effective and professional software solution and advisory service in the SHEQ disciplines all over the world. Many of our clients have branches internationally, therefore the vision to build an international network of likeminded professionals.

We believe that we can make a difference to people’s attitudes towards SHEQ by providing them with an effective electronic management system that adds value to your business processes.

We are up to date with the latest trends. The 4th industrial revolution is bringing changes to all business sectors. We foresee that manual SHEQ systems will phase out over the next few years, hence our proactive development of i-Manage Compliance.

Can I qualify?

To be a successful i-Manage Compliance licensee, you must be dedicated, love working with people, understand business processes, be tech-savvy and willing to learn quickly. As reward you will meet remarkably interesting people and see new places.

A background in SHEQ and Food Safety would be preferred and as the i-Manage Compliance software has functionality that could be applied in many industries, you could focus on an industry or business sector you have previous experience in, for example the Services Sector, Retail, Tourism, etc.


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What do I get?

You can become a licensed software distributer of the i-Manage Compliance system.

You will receive formal training up to a level where you are competent and confident to work on your own. It is, however, a steep learning curve. Your training period will depend on your current experience and understanding of SHEQ.

Online support will be available through the i-Manage Compliance help desk.

How do I make money?

Income streams will be generated through:

  • Gap analysis audits
  • System setup and implementation
  • Licensing fees
  • Training
  • Development of documentation
  • Safety advice, risk assessments, incident investigations
  • External audits
  • Running the system on the company’s behalf.

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We keep all your eggs in a safe basket.

Find out more about some of the amazing features
of the i-Manage Compliance System, contact us now!

We keep all your eggs in a safe basket.

Find out more about some of the amazing features
of the i-Manage Safety System, contact us now!