Compliance Management Services

Compliance Management Services

Easily maintain continued compliance and audit readiness with i-Manage Compliance.

i-Manage Compliance Services

As SHEQ management specialists, we’re dedicated to your safety and compliance. Our seasoned consultants offer tailored solutions to bolster your safety culture, ensure regulatory adherence, and drive sustainability in the workplace. With a wealth of expertise, we empower your organization to thrive, prioritizing safety and quality at every step of the journey.


Our team of seasoned consultants excels at guiding and streamlining your company's onboarding and change management processes. We ensure a seamless transition to your Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) management system, equipped with expert guidance every step of the way.

Customise supporting documents

Our expertise extends to crafting specialised documentation, including risk assessments, emergency evacuation plans, induction packs, and more. We customise these documents to align perfectly with your industry-specific requirements and regulatory mandates.

Gap analysis / Premises audits

When necessary, we conduct meticulous initial audits for clients with existing SHEQ management systems. Our assessments pinpoint shortcomings and areas that demand attention, providing invaluable insights into your compliance and safety standards.

Training on the system

Effective use of your SHEQ management system hinges on user proficiency. Our consultants facilitate user training, ensuring your safety department comprehensively grasps the system's functionality and operations, as agreed upon in the implementation plan.

Implementation of the system

Navigating the complexities of setting up and implementing a robust SHEQ management system becomes effortless with our dedicated consultants. We craft a tailored implementation plan with an agreed-upon timeline, empowering your health and safety department to autonomously oversee the process.

External audits and visits

For clients seeking compliance assurance, we conduct on-site visits and audits. Our comprehensive approach includes physical walkthrough audits and meticulous scrutiny of documentation compliance. We furnish clients with detailed audit reports, actionable findings, and strategic recommendations.

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